318 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1R1, Canada

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imPerfect Fresh Eats

First restaurant in canada to incorporate imperfect produces into our menu

about us


Our Story

Founders, partners, and siblings – May and Jeff Dang, created imPerfect Fresh Eats on the simple belief that healthy-eating should be something everyone can enjoy every single day. Being food lovers, sensible spenders, and health-conscious individuals, they often struggled to find a quick meal that satisfied all of their needs when they were on the road for work; and so, they set out to create a place where people can reconnect with their love for food in a delicious, sensible, convenient, and positive way.

What is the solution? Designing a menu that incorporates imperfect produce to lower overall costs for customers without sacrificing nutrition or taste. This solution also helps save perfectly good food from going to waste and supports our local farmers and producers with an extra source of income. It is the perfect, or rather yet, imPerfect solution!


Thinking ahead....

We hope that our actions will inspire others to join the “imperfect” movement. All around the world, an increasing number of grocers and organizations have already shown excitement for eating imperfectly. This means that hopefully, one day, the idea of “imperfect produce” will cease to exist. If (or when) that day comes, we will strive to find another resourceful and creative solution that turns an existing problem today into an all-around positive solution for tomorrow.


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