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Our philosophy

  • Eat real food

We think food is perfect just the way it is: unmodified, unrefined, unprocessed. we serve only the highest-quality, real, whole foods to maintain optimal nutrition and food integrity.

  • Sustainability

We work closely with our suppliers to help implement industry-leading strategies for carbon minimization. our goal is to support farmers and producers_ones that give more to the land than they take away.

  • Create momentum

We believe that every day is an opportunity for growth and innovation. at ImPerfect our daily habits and routines create a pathway for forward motion to make an impact.

What do you get with an ImPerfect franchising?

  • Rights to the imPerfect brand
  • Location verification
  • Operations manual and recipe book
  • Brand standards book and visual design standards book
  • Staff and management training
  • Logistical support
  • Marketing support
  • Continuous opertions support

Investment & share

Total investment: $250k-550k

Cash required: $100k-150k

Net worth: $500k-800k

Franchise share

Royalties: 6%

Advertising: 2%

What we offer

ImPerfect seeks to address the problem of abundant food waste within the conventional supply chain, specifically, with regards to the disposal of “ImPerfect” produce , an issuse that has not yet been addressed in the canadian casual restaurant market. ImPerfect sources “ImPerfect” produce in efforts to reduce waste while promoting healtheir lifestyle that is both affordable and competitive with traditional “fast food” prices.

ImPerfect offers fresh, made in-house:






Smoothie bowls


Smoothie bowls




Sauces and dressings

Best known for our 5 signature bowls containing whole foods, fully customizable with unlimited toppings as well as the option to create your own bowl with a variety of protein (both vegan and non-vegan) and over 20 different toppings to choose from. drinks include 100% real fruit smoothies to appeal to all tastes, whether you prefer a sweet or savory beverage.

What does the process look like?


  1.  Inquiry, consultation
  2. Franchise application
  3. Credit check
  4. Interview
  5. Investment planning
  6. Confirmation of interest
  7. Franchise disclosure & agreement contract

How long does the process take?

The whole process from site selection and training to job placement takes 4 to 6 months.

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