Imperfect Fresh


Our mission

To inspire others to join the β€œImPerfect” movement. all around the world, an increasing number of grocers and organizations have already shown excitement for eating imperfectly. this means that hopefully, one day, the idea of β€œImPerfect produce” will cease to exist. if (or when) that day comes, we will strive to find another resourceful and creative solution that turns an existing problem today into an all-around positive solution for tomorrow.

Yes, we cater!

Host a party at home or bring the best to your next office event!

Signature bowls

Try one of our signature selections and see what everyone’s talking about

Char chicken bowl

Base: forbidden black rice

Protein: char chicken

CAD$14.45 – CAD$15.45

Surf & turf bowl

Base: spring mix and sweet potato noodles,
Protein: kalbi steak & garlic butter shrimp

CAD$17.95 – CAD$18.90

Miso lemograss tofu bowl

Base: black rice and spinach, protein miso lemongrass tofu

CAD$13.45 – CAD$14.45

Farmer's harvest bowl (vegetarian)

Base:black rice, spinach

protein: hard-boiled egg

CAD$13.45 – CAD$14.45

Our philosophy

Eat real food

We think food is perfect just the way it is: unmodified, unrefined, unprocessed. we serve only the highest-quality, real, whole foods to maintain optimal nutrition and food integrity.


We work closely with our suppliers to help implement industry-leading strategies for carbon minimization. our goal is to support farmers and producers_ones that give more to the land than they take away.

Create momentum

We believe that every day is an opportunity for growth and innovation. at ImPerfect our daily habits and routines create a pathway for forward motion to make an impact.

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